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Lisa Yaremy R.N., BScN

Lisa Yaremy

My passion for maternity care began in nursing school and was solidified after the birth of my twin sons. Working in a maternity ward has shown me that parents who have taken prenatal classes appear better prepared to navigate the expected or unexpected events that go hand in hand with childbirth. I’ve been teaching in various settings, from exercise classes as a physio assistant to yoga classes, and now on a daily basis as a registered nurse. My teaching style is down to earth and inclusive, and I aim to empower parents-to-be through education and connection. Raising two lively boys has also provided limitless opportunities for learning and growth.

Parents of multiples will discover that they face a unique set of challenges, but it has been my experience that the multiples community is incredibly warm and welcoming. Getting involved with this community has encouraged me to take on an educational role in hopes that I can guide and support families who are expecting more than one newborn.

My family and I live in beautiful Port Moody and we enjoy discovering new places to visit, exploring the great outdoors and taking family road trips.

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