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General FAQ

I am a nurse or doula, can I sit in on one of your courses as part of my training?
Unfortunately due to the capacity of the classrooms we are unable to add any more bodies to the room. We are looking to add a training course specifically for doulas and nurses in the near future. Please keep checking back.
Can you add my website to your resources page?
We are very careful in what websites we add to our resources page. For medical related sites: they MUST be Canadian and follow Canadian Health Care guidelines. For non-medical related sites: we only link to those whom we've had direct experience with and are confident in the services/products they provide.
Are prenatal classes covered by MSP?
MSP doesn't not cover prenatal classes anywhere in BC but your extended health insurance package may cover it. Please check with your employer.

Group Class Related FAQ

Can I attend a group class alone?
Of course! We pride ourselves on making our group courses a welcoming environment for all.
Once I've registered, am I able to switch to a different class?
Yes, you are more than welcome to switch into another class granted that there is space in the class you want to switch in to. Please email us to enquire.
I am unable to make a portion of my class due to scheduling. Are there make up classes or can I get a partial refund for the class(es) I missed?
Unfortunately, due to room size and demand, we are unable to accommodate make up classes and we cannot provide partial refunds. We find it makes it difficult for participant(s) to bond/be comfortable when they are not present for all the classes. It is best to sign up for a course/series that you can make all the classes.
My partner is unable to come to a class, can I record the class with my phone so they can watch later?
We do not allow the use of phones or recording devices in the classroom. We find it to be very distracting to the instructors are other attendees in the room.
Does the Baby Prep curriculum cover baby CPR?
Baby CPR is not covered a this time. As registered nurses we are qualified to perform infant CPR however it requires a special certification to facilitate and instruct this type of class.
Is there any special prices for lower income families?
All courses are taught by Experienced Registered Maternity Nurses to ensure you have the highest level of instruction and education. We feel this is important to able to provide you with evidenced based prenatal information along with best practice. We believe the cost is a fair price therefore discounts are not offered at this time.
We hope to see you (and your partner) in an up coming Baby Prep course but understand that circumstances my not permit.
Please feel free to contact us for suggestions about alternative courses.
When should I register for a group class?
We recommend to register for your class after your 20 week ultrasound, just to make sure everything is ok but you are more than welcome to register as you see fit. Weekend courses are our most popular and they do become full weeks in advanced, so we do recommend registering sooner rather than later.
Is there a lunch break during your Weekend Courses?
Yes, lunch breaks are 45-60 minutes long, depending on how much content we covered in the morning session.
I am no longer able to attend my group class, what is your cancellation policy?
You may cancel your booking up to 2 weeks before your class start date, however, a $75.00 admin fee is charged. Cancellation less than 2 weeks before your start date is non-refundable (including those who give birth before the start of class). No refunds may be issued after the start of your class. Purchased classes can not be transferred or shared. Should you need to cancel your booking please email us.
I don't live in Greater Vancouver (or I'm from out of province), can I still take your online group class(es)?
Yes of course! We are more than happy to have students from anywhere! The only thing to keep in mind is that hospital guidelines/policies differ between individual hospitals so you may just need to confirm a few things (like for example, they may have a different policy of when they admit you into the hospital, etc.) with your Health Care Provider. We can help you understand what questions to ask, of course. But otherwise, labour and birth are the same across Canada!

Private Class Related FAQ

When during my pregnancy can I take a private prenatal class?
You are welcome to take a private class at any time during your pregnancy.
My friend is also pregnant, can we share a private prenatal class?
4 couples or more – $525/couple
3 couples – $575/couple
2 couples – $600/couple
= all above pricing is both for a one-day session (6 hours) or two-day sessions (3 hours) in-home classes
Does the Baby Prep curriculum cover baby CPR?
Baby CPR is not covered a this time. As registered nurses we are qualified to perform infant CPR however it requires a special certification to facilitate and instruct this type of class.
Do you do online courses for remote prenatal classes?
Yes! We can do online prenatal classes for those who are in isolation (like COVID-19 pandemic happening now) or are in remote communities. Please visit our Online Prenatal Class page.

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