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The Baby Prep™ philosophy acknowledges that each birthing experience is unique and therefore, your childbirth education should be unique and tailored to your specific needs and concerns.

Class Info
  • The class is tailored to your specific needs and individual concerns. (Vaginal birth, planned caesarean birth, postpartum period, medicated and non medicated coping strategies etc.)
  • The class is arranged around your schedule.
  • The class is taught in the privacy of your own home, in-person or online using Zoom, where you can learn directly from your instructor.
  • The class allows you to discuss personal issues at ease.
  • You are able to have the sole attention of the instructor.
  • Less time is spent on the concerns and questions of others, which may not pertain to you.
  • A convenient choice, if you are on bed rest and/or have a medical condition.
  • Surround yourself with your support network. (partner, doula, mother, sister, friend)
  • Confidentiality Assured
Class Topics

Please see our Prenatal Class Topics page to review the class curriculum.

Classes less than 6 hours long require you to select the topics you would like to go over and discuss.

Is a private class online or in-person?

It can be either! You get to choose what works best for you.

When should you take a private prenatal class?

You are welcome to take a private prenatal class at any time after your 30th week of pregnancy. Booking in earlier is recommended to secure your preferred dates.

Where are the private class dates?

We don't have any set dates for private classes. We build our private class schedule as needed. Please fill out the request form on this page and our instructors will be in touch about scheduling.

Who are our instructors?

All Baby Prep™ instructors are experienced Registered Nurses (BCCNM) and are currently working in the Vancouver, BC and surrounding areas. All instructors follow the BC and Canadian healthcare guidelines.

  • $675/couple (one 6 hour session)
  • or $700/couple (two 3 hour sessions)
  • An additional $25 charge will apply for classes outside the City of Vancouver.

For those not needing to cover all of the class topics, Baby Prep™ is still happy to work with you! The fee is $130/hour for a minimum of 4 hours. Please remember that only certain topics can be covered within 4 hours and will not cover all topics, please discuss with your instructor about what is possible.

My friend is also pregnant, can we share a private prenatal class?

We love teaching multiple couples in semi-private classes! We offer discounts for those who choose to do so:
4 couples or more – $525/couple
3 couples – $575/couple
2 couples – $600/couple
= all above pricing is both for a one-day session (6 hours) or two-day sessions (3 hours) in-home classes

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